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Entertainment Town Ltd.

Entertainment Town Ltd., established in 1975, is the owner of the leading amusement and entertainment parks in Israel: Luna Park in Tel Aviv, Superland in Rishon le Zion, Zapari in the Ganei Yehoshua in Tel Aviv, the iskate inside the Luna Park and the Meymadion water park in the Ganei Yehoshua in Tel Aviv.

Our Vision

The goal of Entertainment Town is to continue developing the amusement parks in Israel, to renovate and surprise with new, exciting and unique rides, while maintaining the high security and safety levels.

Our Values

Happiness and Pleasure

These are our most important values. We invest a lot of thought and resources in order to make every visit to one of our amusement park a happy and joyful experience. Our parks contain dozens of unique, top of the line rides, which are suitable for various age groups: toddlers and kids, youth and adults. The huge variety of rides we offer will excite anyone.


Since the establishment of the company, over 30 years ago, we have maintained our focus on safety, and we put in great effort to keep it that way. Every ride that is imported by us is selected carefully, and goes through thorough examinations by world class specialists, in order to bring you the most reliable rides, without being tempted by cheap imitations that exist in the global market. We put in a lot of effort on the maintenance of the rides daily, including intactness check ups and professional servicing in the highest level. All of the sites contain a first aid health clinic, manned by a medic. 

We have invested in infrastructure and access routes between the different rides, including paved paths that provide comfortable and friendly passage.

Each site has special meeting points which can be used to assemble groups of children, if necessary.


We have invested and are still investing millions of dollars on new and attractive rides, the most renowned worldwide, such as: Congo (the river wild) and the Kumba (one of the largest and most famous roller coaster in the world) in Superland, the Anaconda (the millennium's extreme roller coaster) and Top Spin (the most challenging experience) in the Luna Park, in order to provide you with the most exciting and daring experience level